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The Lizard Lounge is a nightclub situated in between Harvard Square and Porter Square on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is below the restaurant Cambridge Common. It may be a small basement bar, but it is known for the musicians it hosts. The owners also own Cambridge Common and Toad – another live music venue. They carry a large selection of beers, including many local ones such as those made at Cambridge Brewing Company. The Lizard Lounge is known for showcasing rock, blues, and jazz. It hosts two well known bands year round, Session Americana and Club D'Elf, both of which are known to have multiple guests sit in with them and jam. There is an open mic on Monday nights and a poetry slam on Sunday nights. There are many loyal fans to this nightclub and its intimate setting for live music. The bar has been open since 1996.

An unhappy customer shared this in a review, "I can't believe I had to download yelp to give this place a bad review. So to set the scene, my friend was drunk and almost on the floor. On overpriced drinks. I'm a minor. I payed for all the drinks and drank nothing. When he was falling on the floor during emo night, I picked him up and was holding his cup and wallet and phone. The rude ass staff member grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the club. He said because I was a minor, I couldn't be there. I got in like everyone else, thru the front entrance, payed the rip off price for a shitty club and even shittier bar selection. I didn't even drink and I was kicked out. Fucking asshole the bald bitch and the one with the little orange hawk can go kms. It's ridiculous that instead of observing a situation, you manhandle a minor and assume and push them out of a club they payed to be in. I'm done, never coming back, even when I'm 21. Lizard lounge is lame ‍ forget this place, go somewhere else. Better money spent at fucking McDonald's"


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